Why is social-emotional learning
critical and urgent for India?

Just as a plant needs a combination of air, water, soil and sunlight to flourish, a child needs a combination of physical, intellectual, social and emotional development in order to achieve meaningful adulthood and life outcomes.

In a country with 250 million children and 1.5 million schools, is our education system geared to prepare students to lead relevant, meaningful and gainfully employed lives?

India’s education system is built around academic outcomes, which is a bubble waiting to burst as the student enters adulthood and the workforce, where one is expected to have the ability to self-regulate, adapt, build relationships, handle conflicts and collaborate.

We believe that social-emotional learning is the missing element in schools, and should not be left to life – particularly for children from low income backgrounds, social-emotional learning holds the key to equitable adulthood outcomes.


– Core principles –

The devil is in the detail

Our work is deeply grounded in scientific theory, backed up by field evidence and progressively iterated.

Enable Resources, Don’t Replace Them

Our work seeks to enable existing resources, whether in a school or in a government system. This is how we respect our teachers and schools.

In God We Trust. All Others Must Bring Data

We will always be process-oriented and data driven – only by gathering systematic evidence can we hope to solve complex problems.

– Our journey –