Co-Founder and COO

Since 2011, Subbu is the Co-Founder and COO of Learning Curve, a not for profit organization dedicated to life skills development and improving access to education for underprivileged children.

Since 2014, Subbu also spearheads the Learning and Leadership Practice at The Strategist, and drives several centres of excellence in the learning domain, including the Life Sciences Practice

Prior to this, Subbu has extensive working experience of over 16 years in the life sciences industry in both UK and India in diverse roles including sales, strategic sourcing, supply chain management, clinical operations and project management across business models and functions

He has significant experience of setting up credible teams, driving core business processes, organizational development and change management initiatives. Apart from these, Subbu also brings significant experience in developing assessments and design of life skills education programs.

As an advisor and facilitator, Subbu works with several corporate organizations on leadership development and coaching initiatives

His areas of focus at Learning Curve include strategic alignment, and program management. He is also responsible for program management of the ‘Ready for the World’ project on life skills with partner organizations such as Teach for India, and Project Sattva.