Co-Founder and CEO

Since 2011, Gayatri is the Co-Founder and CEO of Learning Curve, a not for profit organization dedicated to life skills development and improving access to education for underprivileged children.

Gayatri has significant working experience of close to 10 years in the education industry in the areas of teaching, designing and implementing curriculum for pre-school and primary environments, start-up and management of pre-schools, design and delivery of life skills education programs for middle and high school children from marginalized communities and teacher training.

Her areas of focus at Learning Curve include multiplying the reach and impact of life skills education programs for underprivileged and vulnerable children apart from driving the overall roadmap of the organization. She is also responsible for design and implementation of the ‘Ready for the World’ project on life skills with partner organizations such as Teach for India, and Project Sattva.