Asiya Shervani

Advisory Board Member

Asiya Shervani  is an organizational development professional specializing in gender and  behavioral  change. After a 16 year multidisciplinary career in the corporate world, Asiya has (since 2009) been focusing on the education and social impact sector. She specializes in social research and analysis, organizational culture, women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and development of gender strategies.

 Asiya is a strong advocate of intersectional feminism and emotionally intelligent policy, practices and laws. She designs and facilitates learning interventions and reflection-based experiences as she believes in using feminism as an approach to personal transformation for adolescents from all socioeconomic segments. Her interventions support girls in questioning the curtailment of their freedom of thought and in finding their own truth, self-worth and voice.

In addition, Asiya has expertise in capacity building specifically in topics such as Social –Emotional Learning (SEL), Life Skills as well as Mindsets, Essential Skills and Habits (MESH). She has made substantial contribution towards incorporating non-cognitive skills into K-12 education in India as well as implementing child protection practices and policies.

Asiya has a BA and MA in the Social Sciences. She is passionate about growing talent for the social, development and education sector and is a mentor to several changemakers, social entrepreneurs, founders and trustees of nonprofits.